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Choosing the right Massage Table for your Practice

The most important piece of equipment you will select for your massage practice is the massage table. Choosing the right table is essential for your comfort and for the comfort of your

Portable Massage Table

OneTouch Deluxe Portable Massage Table

client. Always buy the best massage table you can afford as it’s a wonderful investment in your practice and will augment your massage technique. Make the right choice for you based on the kinds of massage techniques you use.

Deep Tissue and Sports Massage

These methods require pressure to work deeply into tissue and muscle. It’s recommended that you consider a table with 2-inch or 2 ½-inch padding as this will require less pressure from you to achieve the same results.

As a massage therapist, you must consider the long-term effect on your hands and thumbs from having to apply pressure, so you want to opt for the table with thinner foam. Firmer tables will help you and your clients to get the most out of these kinds of massages.

Portable Massage Tables

If you are going to massage your clients in the comfort of their own homes or you take your massage table to sporting events, consider an aluminum frame table which is durable and lightweight. Ensure that you have a massage table that is strong enough to accommodate athletes while durable enough to withstand travel. Get a great selection of portable massage tables here.

Swedish Massage and Stone Massage

These gentler massage techniques focus on your client’s comfort. They are centered on relaxation and require less pressure than other methods. For this reason, consider a 3-inch thick padding to maximize comfort and for a more luxurious feel.


Always opt for a table with end plates which allow you to comfortably sit alongside the massage table. Consider the materials carefully; wood absorbs energy while metal conducts it.

OneTouch Stationary Massage Table

This stationary massage table is solidly built for client safety and long table life. The elegant design and beautiful hardwood construction will add a professional touch to any treatment room. This massage table comes with a 3″ deck pad with ultra-soft upholstery, rounded corners, adjustable height legs, and an aluminum face cradle. The legs are recessed at the sides and ends for maximum stability and working room. A standard full-length shelf provides convenient storage space for towels, linens, and other massage accessories.


How to Choose a Portable Massage Table

Choosing the right massage table is one of the most important choices you will make for your massage practice. Getting high quality tables that will last is a great way to ensure that your clients are comfortable and safe during their visit to your practice. Here are some tips on how to choose the right portable massage table for you.

How will you use the table?

Are you selecting a portable table so you can store it to make use of the space or do you intent to offer a home service? If you will be carrying the table to your car and up the stairs of your customer’s home, then weight is the most important factor to consider. You want a table that is robust and safe, but you must be able to comfortably lift and carry it. When choosing

Portable Massage Table

OneTouch Aspire Portable Massage Table with Memory Foam

the right table for you, try lifting the table and carrying it around to see if you can do so comfortably.

Consider the kinds of massage you do

If you are doing deep tissue massage, you need to compromise on the weight to get a tablet hat is sturdier so that it doesn’t rock when you are working. If you still want portability, consider getting a portable massage table without the arms or other extensions that you don’t use. If possible, try to get a 25 inch wide table rather than the 30 inch wide table to reduce weight.


Of course one of the most important factors is your budget. Once you have the right weight and make, use any wiggle room in your budget to get a good quality cover and linens to add to the comfort factor for your clients.

OneTouch Massage Portable Massage Tables

OneTouch Massage offers a wide selection of portable massage tables for massage therapy professionals who demand quality & durability as well as value & versatility. We also offer an array of massage tables from other top brands, such as Stronglite, Earthlite and NRG.

Why buy a Portable Massage Table?

If you are interested in massage therapy and enhancing the lives of others by touch, you are in the right place. Massage therapy is an ever growing and expanding service industry. Mobile massage has become a great way for massage therapists to expand beyond the setting of the “massage office”. With a portable massage table, a therapist can travel to a client’s residence and provide all the amenities of traditional massage within a familiar environment. With other tools like aromatherapy and essential oils, the client can feel like they’ve just laid down at the spa. A portable massage table can provide the foundation for a thriving mobile massage business.

Portable Massage Table

OneTouch Deluxe Portable Massage Table


The answer is simple. Massage therapists can better market themselves if they offer a mobile service. Culture demands speed and convenience. A portable massage table allows a therapist to fulfill both of these needs. In this way, the client is receiving a service that might not have been experienced if the client had to drive to a massage office.

A second reason for mobile massage and purchasing a portable massage table would be the cost savings of maintaining your massage therapy business. The advantage that mobile massage holds over traditional massage is the venue. With the standard venue of traditional massage, there are extra costs for utilities and rent. Making your massage therapy mobile keeps these costs down while providing equivalent service. The price point of the portable tables is also attractive to keep start-up costs down.

The size of a portable massage table makes it quite compact. This makes it very easy for travel. If you do happen to work out of a small office, you may not have room for the size of a traditional massage table. Purchasing a portable table would allow you to easily fold and store it when not in use.

Portable Massage Table

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How to Choose the Best Massage Table for You

Looking for a portable massage table as a student or as a replacement for your current table? There are a few things you’ll want to consider before making your decision on which massage table to buy.

best massage table

Use these tips to choose the best massage table for your needs.

1. Strength & Stability.

If you’re tempted to buy a cheap massage table just for the price, take a step back and ask yourself if the quality is up to your standards. You need to be able to feel confident that the massage table will hold your clients—no matter their size—without swaying, cracking, or collapsing under the weight.

Check the working weight and static weight load limit to make sure they will fit your needs. Note that if you’re doing a more vigorous type of bodywork, such as deep tissue massage, you’ll be putting your table under a higher working load.

2. Types of Bodywork

Certain types of bodywork require certain features for your massage table. If you perform Reiki or energy work, look for a massage table with high end plates that allow you to slip your legs underneath the table at either end. If you do shiatsu as well as other forms of massage, look for a massage table with a shiatsu release cable so that you can lower the mat to the floor.

You might also want certain accessories to make your clients more comfortable or give you better access to tissue and muscles. A headrest is a given for most massage therapists. A forward arm rest gives your clients a place to rest their arms in front. Side arm rests make clients feel safer on the table and allow them to rest their arms comfortably at their sides.

3. Width and Dimensions

Width and dimensions are about ergonomics as well as your clients’ comfort. The massage table should be narrow enough to allow you to reach across without compromising your body mechanics. It should also be wide enough to ensure that your clients feel safe and comfortable on the table. Make sure you can lower or raise the table to the correct height for proper body mechanics.

4. Comfort

The massage table padding should be thick enough and durable enough for your clients to lie comfortably on the table for the entire massage session. Some types of bodywork require a firmer surface.

Keep in mind that if the massage table padding doesn’t feel thick enough, you can always add a fleece cover or egg crate foam for extra padding.

5. Weight

If you will need to carry your portable massage table anywhere, you’ll want to consider the weight of the table. Is it light enough to carry the distance you’ll need to carry it? If you transport your massage table often, you’ll definitely want a lightweight massage table. Another option is to use a massage table cart, which allows you to roll the table rather than carry it over your shoulder.

Portable Massage Tables

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Massage Table Buying Guide for Students

Student massage table package

Look for a student massage table package that includes all the table accessories you need.

If you’re in massage school, no doubt you’ll want to get your own massage table so that you can practice on family and friends. As a student, price is probably one of your main concerns, but there are other points you should consider as well.

1. Portable vs. Stationary Massage Tables

If you’re a massage student, you most likely want to look for a portable massage table. While stationary tables are meant to stay in the treatment room, portable massage tables allow you to easily carry the table from one place to another. This allows you to practice at home, at a friend’s house, or at school with your own massage table.

If you plan to carry your massage table around frequently, pay attention to the weight when searching for a table. The lighter the massage table, the easier it will be to carry around. Aluminum massage tables are the most lightweight option.

2. Massage Table Width

The width of the massage table should support proper posture. A table that’s too wide will require you to reach too far across the table, which can compromise your body mechanics. Choose a massage table that is narrow enough for you ergonomically but wide enough to make your clients feel comfortable. For the best of both worlds, choose a narrow massage table with side arm extenders. Your clients will have more room to rest their arms, and you’ll still be able to get in close to the client without reaching.

3. Client Comfort

Besides table width, the padding on your massage table is what matters most in making your clients feel comfortable. Since your clients will be lying on the table for 30-90 minutes, the padding should be thick enough to allow them to rest comfortably for that period of time.

Even if your table padding is not thick enough for your taste, you can always add more padding later with an egg crate foam pad, a fleece table cover, and/or a massage table heating pad.

Be careful not to add too much padding if you focus on deeper work, such as trigger point massage or sports massage. Some modalities require a firmer work surface with less “give” to it.

4. Accessories

An all-in-one massage table package can save you money over buying your accessories separately. Most massage table packages include an adjustable headrest, forward arm rest, and a carry bag. Some packages also include side arm extenders.

5. Warranty / Customer Service

The warranty period on your massage table should give you an idea of how durable the table is. Read the warranty for fine print. Some warranties do not cover issues such as upholstery wear and tear, so make sure you know what’s covered and what’s not before you buy.

The customer service experience is an important issue as well, since if there’s a problem with your order or you need to make a warranty claim, these are the same folks you’ll be dealing with then. A positive customer service experience means that you’ll likely have good service in the future as well.

Student Massage Tables

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Choosing a Portable Massage Table

Portable massage table

This portable massage table comes with a backrest lift.

Ready to buy your first portable massage table? Since a massage table is the most important piece of equipment you’ll buy, it’s important to know what you need in a massage table for your clients and for yourself.

Table Weight

Will you be carrying your massage table to other locations? If so, check the total weight of the table. If you don’t carry your table very far or very often, you can get by with a heavier, sturdier table. But if you travel often, you’ll want a lightweight massage table. Aluminum is lighter than wood—and strong enough to withstand regular use.


The table dimensions are important for two reasons: (1) your body mechanics, and (2) your clients’ comfort. The massage table’s width affects your body mechanics. If the table is too wide, you can strain your body by reaching too far. If the table is too narrow, your clients might not feel safe or comfortable enough to relax.


The type of padding and thickness varies. You can choose from high-density foam, memory foam, and a combination foam of several densities. Thicker padding is more comfortable for clients, but if you do sports massage or similar therapeutic techniques, you might want a firmer table. You can always add more padding as needed with egg crate foam and a fleece cover.


This is where your massage table becomes more specific to your needs. The type of work you do will determine whether you need a shiatsu cable release, a backrest lift, Reiki end plates, or other features. You can also customize your massage table with a built-in face hole, side arm extenders, a length extender, or a specialized face cradle, among other features.

Do I Need a Stationary or Portable Massage Table?

Portable massage table

A portable massage table is lightweight and mobile.

A portable massage table can be moved from one location to another, which comes in handy for mobile therapists and massage students. A stationary massage table, on the other hand, gives your office a more spa-like atmosphere. Listed below are some of the benefits and drawbacks to both portable and stationary massage tables.

Portable Massage Tables

A portable folding massage table is your best option if you value the ability to take your massage table with you wherever you go. A portable table is light enough to carry and folds in half for a more compact size that fits in the trunk or back seat of your vehicle. The more often you carry your table, the lighter you want the table to be. If you have back problems or cannot lift more than 30 pounds, use a massage table cart to transport your table. Some carts can even go up and down stairs.

A portable massage table comes in handy for massage therapists who travel frequently, visit clients at home or the office, prefer a lightweight table, and cannot afford a stationary table. Portable massage tables are popular because of their low cost and their flexibility for in-office and mobile appointments. Most new massage therapists start out with a portable massage table rather than a stationary table.

Stationary Massage Tables

A stationary massage table is designed for therapists who are established in their practice. They primarily offer massage in their own office, or they own a portable massage table that is used only for outcalls. With a stationary table, there is no hinge in the middle, which makes for a stronger table. The hinge is the weakest point in a portable massage table because of its tendency to flex under intense stress.

With a stationary massage table, weight doesn’t matter, since the table will never (or rarely) be moved. Manufacturers can use stronger materials, thicker foam, and a more stable leg construction without worrying about meeting a weight limitation. In addition, stationary tables can often hold a higher weight capacity, which is ideal for heavier, well-built clients.

Massage Students: Choosing Massage Table Equipment

Owning your own portable massage table gives you more chances to practice.

Owning your own portable massage table gives you more chances to practice.

When you’re paying for massage school, chances are that you don’t have a whole lot of money left over for buying massage equipment. Yet owning your own portable massage table gives you more chances to practice your new skills.

Rent, Borrow, or Buy?

Every massage program requires hands-on practice, and most require practice outside of the classroom. Owning a massage table lets you get in all of your practice hours when it’s convenient for you, without the need to plan ahead by renting or borrowing equipment. It also means you don’t have to compromise your body mechanics by using a bed or table to massage your friends and family.

If you don’t have the budget to buy a massage table just yet, use this time to try out as many different types of massage tables as you can, either by renting from your massage school or borrowing from other therapists and students. This will help you figure out what to look for when it comes time to buy your own.

How Much Should I Spend?

If funds are tight (as they are for most massage students), you may be thinking about buying a cheap starter table and upgrading later on, when you’ve had a chance to generate some income and get a better sense of which direction you’re headed.

Before investing in a higher end massage table, it helps to know what types of massage you plan to specialize in. For example, Reiki requires higher end plates that allow you to fit your knees under the table. Raised end plates are also handy for reflexology or hand and foot massage. If you plan to do a lot of outcalls, you’ll want to look for a lightweight aluminum massage table. For spa treatments and facials, you may want to consider a massage table with a backrest lift.

Before you drop a wad of cash on what you consider the Cadillac of massage tables, do some research on what is available. You may be surprised to find that you can get a better massage table for less money than you thought possible.

What Size Massage Table Should I Get?

The Aspire massage table is 30 inches wide.

The Aspire massage table is 30 inches wide.

Choosing a massage table width is important for the sake of your clients’ comfort and for proper body mechanics as a therapist. The standard width for massage tables is 28 inches; however, many therapists prefer a 30 inch table or wider for the comfort of their clients.

Massage Table Width and Client Comfort

Something as simple as massage table width can impact a client’s sense of security on the table. If the table is too narrow, they may feel like they are going to fall off the table, especially when turning over. This is especially important if you have overweight clients or work with athletes with large builds.

Certain massage modalities involve moving the client’s body (such as the arms and legs) while they are on the table. If you offer these types of modalities, make sure the table is wide enough to accommodate the extra movement.

Massage Table Width and Body Mechanics

Besides client comfort, therapist safety is also a concern. Particularly for short therapists (under 5′ 5″) or therapists with short arms, a narrower table will allow better body mechanics while working. If the table width forces you to modify your movements and compromise your alignment, you need a narrower table. Never sacrifice your body mechanics for a table that is too wide. Your body will pay the price.

Finding a Compromise

So what happens if you are a short therapist who works on large clients? One option is to purchase a massage table with side arm extensions. This allows you to choose a narrow width but still accommodate larger clients by giving them a place to rest their arms. If you use side arm extensions, just remember to ask your clients not to place their full weight on the armrests as they turn over. Another option is to look for a massage table that is narrower in the middle and wider on the ends. This allows you to reach across the table easier but still gives the client enough table width to comfortable rest their shoulders and arms.

Massage Outcalls

Table width affects the weight of your massage table, so if you’re on the fence between two different table widths, ask yourself how often you expect to carry your table. Saving a few pounds with a narrower table width may be worth it if you do a lot of outcalls. If you do outcalls with a wider table, consider investing in a massage table cart to make it easier on your body.

What Is the Best Massage Table for My Practice?

A massage table with a backrest lift is perfect for massage and beauty work.

A massage table with a backrest lift is perfect for massage and beauty work.

Knowing which table is best for your practice depends largely on the type of bodywork you perform. Listed below are a few tips on choosing a massage table based on your specialty.

Swedish Massage

Techniques for classic and Swedish massage vary widely. The table you need depends largely on how much pressure you apply, what kind of techniques you use, and how much comfort your clients prefer. Some therapists prefer the firmer surface of a 2-inch padded table. Others prefer a table with 3-inch padding for the luxury of their clients. For a compromise between the two, look for a table with 2 1/2 inch padding.

Deep Tissue

Deep tissue massage is easier to perform when the table padding is firmer. Two-inch padding provides more resistance, which means you will not have to work as hard to apply deep pressure. While deep tissue massage can be performed on tables with 3-inch padding, it will require applying more pressure for each stroke.

Sports Massage

Most sports massage tables are firmer (typically 2-inch padding) for increased pressure and deeper penetration. Aluminum massage tables are popular for sports massage because of their versatility for outdoor use, and aluminum is lightweight for easy portability to and from sports events. Some therapists prefer a table with an elevating backrest. This allows them to elevate the athlete’s legs in the prone position. Sports therapists need to consider the typical size and weight of the athletes they work with. You may need an extra long table, a more generous width, or side arm extenders to accommodate your clients.

Stone Massage

Stone massage can be performed on almost any massage table. Since the emphasis is often on the client’s comfort, thicker padding is preferred. A massage table warmer will add a touch of luxury and extra thickness to the table.

Reiki end plates, such as those on the Elite massage table, allow you to slide your knees under the table.

Reiki end plates, such as those on the Elite massage table, allow you to slide your knees under the table.


The most important feature for a Reiki table is the end plates. They should be high enough to allow you to comfortably slide your knees underneath the table when seated. Some therapists prefer a center-locking cable system for more knee room at the sides of the table as well. Reiki practitioners should also decide on the type of material (wood or metal) for their massage table, based on how it will affect the energy of their practice. Wood absorbs energy and tends to have gentler vibrations. Metal conducts energy rather than absorbs it.


We recommend getting the most comfortable table possible for acupuncture work. The more relaxed your clients are, the more effective the treatment will be. Look for a massage table with at least 3 inches of padding and at least 30 inches wide. Memory foam padding adds even more comfort.

Beauty Work and Massage

If you want to perform beauty work and massage on the same table, look for a table with an elevating backrest, such as the Professional or Deluxe Series. You can have the client can lie down flat on the table for massage, or you can lift the backrest to allow the client to recline for facials, waxing, and other beauty treatments.