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Aromatherapy Essential Oils: A Beginner’s Guide

Adding aromatherapy to your quiver of services can really be an asset to your massage therapy practice. However, it’s vital to understand that

lavender essential oil

Lavender essential oil is a good starter oil for your aromatherapy massage practice

aromatherapy oils are very powerful and can be harmful to your clients if they aren’t properly used.

Don’t use oils on clients without checking that they have no allergies and without knowing the possible side effects.

Do your Research

Read up on the oils you are thinking about using, watch training videos online or take a course on aromatherapy so you know exactly what to use. Different oils are used to treat different afflictions and in different quantities.

The investment of time and money on a professional qualification is well worth it.

Be your own Guinea Pig

Try out your new oils and techniques on yourself first so you know exactly what it feels like and how effective it is. You can also practice on family and friends and invite suggestions so that you can perfect your techniques before trying them on clients.

Less is More

When you start, learning the oils, how to use them, the right quantities, the side effects and the applications can be quite overwhelming. Start with three mild oils like lavender, chamomile and lemon balm. Use these until you have mastered them and then slowly add oils as you have time to study up on them.

Store your Oils Properly

Store oils in a dry, dark place as sunlight can compromise the efficacy of some oils.

Aromatherapy oils are potent, so use them in very small quantities. Follow the manufacturer’s suggestions on quantities which you will mix with your massage oils. When in doubt, use less than advised to ensure safety.

Always check with clients that they aren’t allergic and get them to smell oils to see that they like the aroma. Test a little of the oil on sensitive skin (like inside the elbow) before starting your massage.

Bon Vital Lavender oil

Bon Vital Essential Oils – 100% Pure and Natural whether you prefer single notes or synergistic blends, you can rely on the same great quality you have known from Bon Vital for over 20 years. Our Essential Oils and Synergies can be easily added to our oils, cremes, lotions or gels to customize the therapeutic benefits for each of your clients. Also use in diffusers to enhance any room, you will enjoy this new addition to our complete line of massage products.

Chair Massage Business Slow? We’ve Got your Back!

Extending your massage practice has never been easier than with a chair massage. A chair massage practice is portable and requires less space and people are comfortable getting a chair massage in

Reach more customers with a massage chair

Reach more customers with a massage chair

places that they wouldn’t feel comfortable getting a massage on a table.

Take your massage practice on the road and be mobile, versatile and help more people to relax and enjoy a pain-free day. Most people have very busy lifestyles, but with a chair massage, you can make this vital service available to more clients.

Work it!

Offer your massage services to local businesses and office blocks. You can set up your massage chair in the office and workers can take a very relaxing lunch break. That way they can benefit from your massage without interrupting their busy day.

School rules!

Send flyers to your local colleges, universities and schools. You can provide a massage service at these locations to alleviate exam stress and tend to sore muscles at sports events. Discuss possibilities with school administration to see how you can best help staff and students.


Connect with current clients to see if any of them are holding sports events where your services would be welcome or if they would like you to visit their offices. Offer a free massage for referrals to encourage participation.


Volunteering at local events, airports, sports events and charity runs to introduce people to your healing hands. Offer free 15-30 minute massages and be sure to have plenty of brochures, business cards and pamphlets on hand so people can contact you.

Stronglite Standard Portable Massage Chair Package

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Money-Saving Tips for your Massage Practice

April 22nd is Earth Day and in celebration, you can make some small changes to your massage practice that can save you money and help the environment too.

Meditation can help you be happier, healthier and even smarter.

Let your customers know about your eco-friendly practices

Get Smart

Getting a smart thermostat will turn down the heat or AC when you aren’t in your practice. When you are away for the weekend or in the evenings when your practice is closed, you can reduce your energy consumption by installing a smart thermostat which automatically adjusts the temperature for you. You can also adjust the temperature remotely using an app so that your massage practice is always comfortable, but you aren’t heating or cooling the place when you aren’t there. Smart thermostats can save you about 20% on your energy bill.

Be a Vampire Slayer

10-15% of the energy you use is for ‘vampire loads’. This is energy which is utilised when your appliances are on standby, but you aren’t using them. Invest in a power bar with a timer on which will switch appliances off when you are closing for the night and turn them back on just before you open in the morning.

Have a Light Bulb Moment

Switch your incendescent light bulbs to LEDs and you can save 8-12% on your energy bill. The new lights are more expensive, but they last much longer.

Mind the Gaps

Check your doors, windows, light fittings, plumbing openings and electrical openings to ensure that all your conditioned indoor air isn’t leaking out. Use caulk to seal any openings and holes where outside air is coming in.

Your customers care about the environment and are more likely to patronize establishments that are eco-friendly. Be sure to post all of your environmentally-friendly practices in your massage practice and on your brochures so potential clients can make the right choice.

Bon Vital Naturale Massage Lotion


Bon Vital Naturale Massage Lotion is perfect for sensitive skins.

Bon Vital Naturale Massage Lotion is perfect for sensitive skins.

Bon Vital Naturale Massage Lotion is uniquely formulated to satisfy the demands of every massage therapist. The Jojoba Oil base is enriched with Sea Algae, Japanese Green Tea, and Hops Extracts. Bon Vital’s improved formula now also includes an organic natural preservative! Bon Vital’s Naturale product line is completely natural and organic, which makes it ideal for clients and therapists with sensitivities to chemicals and fragrances. This massage lotion is paraben free and unscented. The loose texture of Bon Vital Massage Lotion Naturale provides superior glide, while the precise balance of seed and plant oils refresh and moisturize the skin. This lotion is perfect for Swedish massage and all other types of massage modalities. Its completely water dispersible formula allows for easy cleanup and wipes cleanly off the skin.

Benefits of Having the Right Massage Equipment

Massage Stones

Hot Stone Massage is a specialty service that can set you apart from the competition

Everyone needs a great massage therapy from time to time. When individuals go for a massage they often have great expectations. Massage therapy is generally believed to be the ultimate relaxation method. Part of the reason is that Massage therapy offers many benefits both physically and emotionally, and offers other health benefits as well. Massage therapy is the best way to reduce common stress, offering great opportunity to relax the mind. Other benefits of Massage therapy includes

•Reduces the heart rate
•Lowers blood pressure
•Helps in muscle relaxation
•Increases the level of endorphins
•Helps improve the mind and feelings
•Boosts morale
•Helps increase creativity
•Calms the nerves, and much more.

Need for the right Massage Equipment

Having the right massage table is one of the most important aspects of providing great massage therapy to your clients. In fact massage table is the most important massage equipment a Massage therapist must have. This means that to offer your clients that special massage experience they are looking for you must have the right massage table.Massage tables and chairs come in different types and shapes, investing in good quality massage table is a wise investment both from the business perspective and to facilitate customer satisfaction. The other side of this issue is that a bad massage table or chair could compromise your customer’s massage experience and potential benefits and in some cases could lead to some adverse effects. Good Massage tables are easily cleaned.It must have highly padded surface to increase support for the client and furthermore making it easy for the client to breath

A good Massage table also offers the Massage therapist more room to operate. The therapist has to be able to reach all parts of the client’s body without strain. The right massage table will increase guided stretching ability for the client. There is also an added advantage when massage tables offer the therapist the opportunity to adjust its size and dimensions, in line with the needs of the client. This is important because each client is different in sizes so if the therapist is able to adjust the Massage table, it will facilitate the work, and increases the client’s comfort and satisfaction.

Stationary or Adjustable massage table?

The quality of the Massage table being used by the client often differentiates the professional Massage therapist from other therapists. Massage Tables come in two standard formats. They could be portable tables, or they may be stationary. Many therapists use a combination of both because each of the tables may be used to perform specific function. Often the type of table to use may also depend on the type of therapy requested by the client.

Portable Massage Table

They are very important for therapists who offer clients massages within their home environment. In that case the therapist can very easily pack the portable table and quickly set it up at the client’s home. Portable tables are strong enough to serve the massage purpose and not too heavy, weighing about 30 lbs. They could be easily packed and unpacked and transported in small compartments. Great quality tables come with poly urethane vinyl padded with cushions to offer the client maximum comfort and relaxation potential during the therapy session. Their cost price ranges from $250 to $350.

Regular Massage Table

The regular massage table is mostly suitable for massage parlors, clinics and salons. They offer several advantages by having provisions for additional space through in-built closets. They are made with heavy material and equipped with thicker cushions. It offers more design characteristics but costs a lot more than the portable tables. The average price range of stationary massage table ranges from $500 to as much as $2,000. They are made to last longer than the portable massage tables.

Get your Massage Practice Ready for Spring

Spring is just 17 days away and as we look forward to emerging from our winter hibernation, it is also time to spruce up our massage practices in time for the new year.

Spring Cleaning

A good spring clean is always a great way to rejuvenate your massage practice. Start by throwing out all your old cleaning products as these have tons of bad chemicals that off-gas into your rooms,

Lemon Essential Oil

Lemon Essential Oil is a great pick-me-up which improves mood and concentration.

creating an unhealthy environment for you and your clients. You can replace everything in your cleaning products cupboard with vinegar, lemon juice and baking soda. You save money and these cleaning methods are just as effective as your old chemical ones. Better still they won’t damage the leather on massage tables and chairs. You can find all the natural cleaning recipes you need right here.

A breath of Fresh Air

Bring in some flowering spring bulbs and house plants. House plants actually lower blood pressure and purify your indoor air. They create a warm and inviting atmosphere that will make your clients feel right at home.

Special Offers

Spring is a time for new beginnings and it would be great for you to get some new clients too. Consider a special spring offer where you reward your existing clients for referrals with free massages or discounts. You can also advertise or create special offers for prospective clients.


Speaking of a breath of fresh air… nothing revitalizes a room quite like a lovely smell. Use an aromatherapy oil diffuser to freshen your rooms. Go for Eucalyptus or Lemon to put a spring in your step.

Lemon 10 ml/.35 fl oz. 

Bon Vital Essential Oils – 100% Pure and Natural whether you prefer single notes or synergistic blends, you can rely on the same great quality you have known from Bon Vital for over 20 years. Our Essential Oils and Synergies can be easily added to our oils, cremes, lotions or gels to customize the therapeutic benefits for each of your clients. Also use in diffusers to enhance any room, you will enjoy this new addition to our complete line of massage products.

How to Incorporate Essential Oils into Your Massage Practice

Although aromatherapy has been around for thousands of years, there are still many forms of medicine and therapies that are not yet incorporating the wonderful uses of aromatherapy into their practice. Massage therapy is one such practice that, in many cases has not tapped into all of the wonderful uses of aromatherapy.

In ancient times cultures from around the world have used different forms of aromatherapy including the burning of incense or extracting oils from plants, herbs and flowers. These ancient people used aromatherapy mostly because they understood that the elements contained healing properties.

The term “aromatherapy” first originated in the late 1920s by the French chemist Rene-Maurice Gattefosse was burned during a laboratory experiment. Gattefosse applied lavender oil to his injury and was surprised to find that it did not only ease his pain, but the wound healed very quickly. After this experience he began a lifelong exploration of the healing properties of different essential oils and began calling this study “aromatherapy.”

When used in a massage practice and in other ways, aromatherapy can be applied in three ways. There can be direct application to the skin, internal consumption or inhalation. All of these scenarios take advantage of the essential oils properties and work together to create the aromatherapy experience. The properties of the oils travel through the body and nervous system until they reach the brain where there is a definite physiological and even psychological effects. During direct application to the skin the oils are absorbed into the lymphatic system so that they can then circulate throughout the bloodstream. In the same way when the oils are inhaled or ingested they are quickly absorbed into the mucous membranes and then make their way into the blood stream. Inhalation is one of the most profitable ways to use aromatherapy because it also uses the olfactory senses which sends more intense messages and signals to the brain. The use of inhalation can have a more dramatic effect on the client’s stress levels, blood pressure and even hormones. So what are the best ways to utilize the benefits of essential oils and aromatherapy in your massage practice?


Diffusing essential oils in a waiting area or even directly into the treatment rooms can quickly effect the mood and stress levels of not only clients but employees as well. Diffusers are designed to slowly release the essential oil properties slowly into the atmosphere of the room at a desired strength. Small tea light wax burners can also perform virtually the same task.

Acupuncture Points

During acupuncture therapy essential oils can be placed onto acupuncture points before needling. You should however research your oils well before applying directly to skin so that you are aware of which oils should be diluted before application. Some oils can burn or irritate skin in direct contact.

Space Spray

Essential oils can easily be turned into an aromatherapy spray by simply placing a few drops of the oil into a spray bottle filled with water. Many people enjoy making a combination of different oils in order to create a customized blend for certain effects. In general eight to ten drops of essential oil works well in a one ounce bottle. Space spray can be used to spray over a patient before or during a treatment, or the room can be sprayed in between treatments.

massage oil

Essential oils are a great addition to your massage therapy tools in order to make the massage experience for your clients a truly memorable and therapeutic treatment. Adding essential oils to the body oil you currently use can also be done in order to make a normal massage treatment into something truly special. Some research is useful in order to understand the different effects different oils can have on a client. This can then help you better choose which oils and in what amount to mix with your oils or lotions in order to create the best massage lotion.

Tips for Dealing with Congestion in Massage Clients

At this time of year, many of your clients will be suffering from congestion and colds. While you must take precautions to contain the spread of colds and flu, you can also help to relieve the symptoms

Eucalyptus Oil can help relieve congestion in clients

Eucalyptus Oil can help relieve congestion in clients

that your clients are experiencing.

Prevent the spread of flu

Start by instituting strict policies about patients and practitioners with colds. If massage therapists have colds or flu, they must wear a facemask and wash hands before massaging clients.

Be sure to change face cradles between clients and wipe down the massage table if you think it may spread germs.

Ensure that hand sanitizer or a hand washing basin is easily accessible to clients and staff at all times.

Relieving symptoms in clients

The memory foam face cradle on the Aspire Massage Table is especially designed to relieve sinus congestion in clients.

When clients are face-down on the massage table, they can experience increased discomfort from sinus congestion. If this is the case, consider utilizing aromatherapy oils. Certain oils like eucalyptus, peppermint and lemon can help to clear sinuses.

Use aromatherapy oils in a diffuser or put a few drops in a bowl of warm water under the face cradle. Always keep a supply of tissues within easy reach of your client.

If your massage therapy office is very dry in the winter because of the heating, consider getting a humidifier which will help relieve congestion and dry skin.

If all of these measure prove ineffective, ask your client to lie on their sides instead.

Eucalyptus 10 ml/.35 fl oz. Bottle

Bon Vital Essential Oils – 100% Pure and Natural whether you prefer single notes or synergistic blends, you can rely on the same great quality you have known from Bon Vital for over 20 years. Our Essential Oils and Synergies can be easily added to our oils, cremes, lotions or gels to customize the therapeutic benefits for each of your clients. Also use in diffusers to enhance any room, you will enjoy this new addition to our complete line of massage products.

Massage Students: Here Are The 6 Most Common Types of Body Massages

Massage therapy is a popular art that has been used for centuries as a part of general health care for many people, especially those living in today’s stressful environment. With the increasing demand of massage therapy, the massage options are becoming more confusing. There are so many different types of massages available and you need to make sure you choose the best type for your needs. Whether you are looking for a way to relax, need to have aching muscles soothed or want to relieve some stress, there is a massage therapy for everyone’s needs.

Traditional Thai Massage
Traditional Thai massages use deep tissue, stretching and pressure point techniques. This type of massage is especially beneficial for those who suffer with sore muscles and/or chronic pain. The techniques are typically more rigorous and energizing than the other more classic types of massage. Thai massage is also known as Thai yoga massage and deep tissue massage. If you are recovering from an injury that has resulted in back problems, this type of massage will help relieve the pain; however, you may be slightly sore for a few days following the massage.

Reflexology is often mistaken for being a foot massage; however, with a foot massage the therapist normally uses massage oil or lotion and gentle gliding strokes over the entire area of the foot. Whereas genuine reflexology is done by applying pressure to the pressure points in your foot that correspond to the various organs in your body. Reflexology massage is also done on the hands and fingers as well as the feet. The theory is that by applying pressure to specific locations, it will promote health to the corresponding parts.

Professional massage therapist

Swedish Massage
The Swedish massage is the most popular type of massage available. A Swedish massage therapist typically uses scented massage oils to facilitate smooth and gliding strokes over the area being massaged. This type of massage also relies on techniques such as stretching, kneading, tapping, friction and vibration. The pressure may change from gentle to heavy, depending on the goal of the massage. For example, to promote relaxation the pressure is typically firm, but not quite as firm as you would experience with a deep tissue massage.

Hot Stone Massage
Hot stone massages are becoming increasingly more popular. During a hot stone massage therapy, the therapists place heated, smooth and flat stones on specific points of your back and/or in the palms and between the toes. The warmth of the stones are used to relax and soothe sore muscles, which allows your therapist to apply deep tissue massage to later. Following a hot stone massage there is typically no soreness even with the followup deep tissue massage.

Aromatherapy Massage
Aromatherapy is one of the most common types of massage therapy. Aromatherapy massage basically consists of using the Swedish massage technique combined with concentrated plant oils, known as essential oils. The essential oils are typically added to the original massage oil and/or lotion. Each essential oil is thought to have different healing properties. Many therapist use various combinations of essential oils for the optimum benefits. For example, there are essential oils designed to provide a calming effect, uplifting, cleansing, energizing and/or de-congesting.

Shiatsu Massage
This is a form of Japanese massage therapy that is similar to acupuncture, except it doesn’t use needles. During a Shiatsu massage, the therapist will apply pressure on the pressure points that are used during acupuncture therapy. This type of massage is excellent for those who have sore muscles or are experiencing pain and/or discomfort in various areas of their body. A Shiatsu massage is often very relaxing, calming and a pleasurable experience.

Massage therapy is beneficial for a variety of health problems as well as promoting better sleep patterns and relaxation. However, some massages are designed to promote better health by helping your body rid itself of harmful toxins. For example, some deep tissue massages are referred to as a detox massage. If you have this type of massage it is important to follow the instructions provided by your therapist for after the massage. For example, you need to drink a specific amount of water, which will help to flush the toxins out. If you fail to follow the instructions, the massage may cause more harm than good. For reasons like this, it is important to discuss the massage therapy you are considering with your therapist to ensure it is appropriate for your needs.

The Benefits of Lemon Essential Aromatherapy Oil

As the dreary winter months take their toll, lemon essential aromatherapy oil can really help to uplift the mood, refresh weary minds and elevate mood. Lemon essential oil improves alertness and helps you to focus. This makes it perfect as a pick-me-up when you have a presentation, have to study or need to focus on the task at hand.

Lemon Essential Oil

Lemon Essential Oil is a great pick-me-up which improves mood and concentration.


Lemon essential oil is known for its cleansing qualities. A powerful antiseptic, antibacterial, antiviral, and antifungal, it is perfect for disinfecting and detoxing. You can use lemon essential oil in your laundry to freshen and disinfect your massage practice linens. Use it in an aromatherapy diffuser in your reception area to help patients perk up before they have to face the outside world.

If your patients are suffering from colds or nasal congestion, use lemon essential oil in your practice to help alleviate their symptoms.

If your clients are suffering from fatigue, stress or anxiety, lemon essential oil can really help to lift the spirits.

Lemon Essential Oil Use

Avoid direct contact with all essential oils and the skin; these oils are strong and should be blended in the correct proportions. Lemon essential oil can, in some patients, cause a sensitivity to sunlight, so ensure that they avoid sunshine in the hours following a massage in which lemon essential oil was used.

Keep all essential oils out of direct sunshine as this can cause them to lose their remedial properties.

Bon Vital Aromatherapy Essential Oil

Bon Vital Essential Oils – 100% Pure and Natural whether you prefer single notes or synergistic blends, you can rely on the same great quality you have known from Bon Vital for over 20 years. Our Essential Oils and Synergies can be easily added to our oils, cremes, lotions or gels to customize the therapeutic benefits for each of your clients. Also use in diffusers to enhance any room, you will enjoy this new addition to our complete line of massage products.

4 New Year’s Resolutions for your Massage Practice

Every year you are working to make your massage practice just a little better. By working smarter, not harder, you can maximize your earning potential and make your customers happy. Satisfied

Massage Stones

Hot Stone Massage is a specialty service that can set you apart from the competition

customers help to generate more business through word of mouth and create a positive atmosphere for you and your team to work in.

Get organized

Are you always scrambling to keep up? Do you forget about important meetings or are you regularly late? Being more organized in 2015 will mean you have time to do things properly and you will find your job more satisfying.

Get a diary or download an app that will help you plan your days. Make lists of things you need to remember and set alarms so you don’t forget. Stick to the time frames allotted to each activity.

Not having enough time also means you have taken on too much. Start by cutting out a few things that aren’t really adding to your life. It’s better to do a few things well and enjoy them than to rush your customers or not give 100% because you are preoccupied with all the things you have to do before the day is done.

Be more social

Social media can be a wonderful way to share your skills with the world. Start a blog on your website as a resource of important information for your clients. Post valuable content on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and other sites and use these platforms to showcase your massage practice.

Learn something new

Add another dimension to your practice by learning something new this year. Perhaps you have been wanting to try aromatherapy or maybe you want to learn about hot stone massage. Adding new depth and techniques to your practice will give you more tools to help your clients.

Get some ‘me’ time

Regularly take time to mediate, do yoga, or have a massage yourself so that you are calm and relaxed. This is great for you and will help your clients to feel relaxed too.

Deluxe Massage Stones 50 Piece Professional Set

50 Hand-Picked Massage Stones Set Includes:

Every and every basalt lava stone is of the highest quality .and is cured, hand-polished, and ready for immediate stone massage use. These smooth stones are comprised of Basalt Lava and have an amazing ability to retain temperature. This set includes 50 stones. Please note that the stones sizes listed are approximate and may vary. The natural color of the basalt stones will also vary