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How to Set Up a Portable Massage Table

Setting up your portable massage table is easy once you know how to do it. If you move your massage table often, such as for on-site appointments, you’ll quickly become familiar with how to set up and take down your table.

Portable massage table

Learn how to set up a portable massage table.

Massage Table Setup Instructions

The first step in setting up your portable massage table is to unlock the latches at the end of the table. Place the table on its side; then reach down and undo the latches.

Open up the massage table so that the legs extend fully.

If your portable massage table has accessories stored underneath, you can remove the accessories at this point.

Next, grab the handles on the side of your massage table—or, if there are no handles, get a good grip on the side of the table—and lift the table until it’s upright on all four legs. Press down on the center of the table to make sure the legs and cables are firmly locked in place.

Massage Table Height Adjustment

Unless the massage table is already set at the correct height, you’ll need to adjust the table legs to the right height. This is an important step because it allows you to maintain proper body mechanics while giving massage.

To adjust the table height, unscrew the knob that holds one of the legs in place and adjust the leg to the correct hole for the height you need. Replace the knob so that the leg is securely held in place.

Repeat the process for the other legs. Adjust all four table legs to the same height. Count the number of holes to make sure each leg is properly adjusted.

Massage Table Accessories

Now it’s time to attach the massage table accessories. Insert the headrest attachment into the holes at the end of the table. Depending on the design of your headrest, you will need to follow the manufacturer’s instructions to adjust the height and angle of the face cradle.

If your massage table comes with a forward arm rest or side arm extenders, you can attach these accessories as well. Accessories like these can help your clients feel more comfortable on the table.

Instructional Video

Portable Massage Tables

Take your massage skills anywhere with a portable massage table from OneTouch, Earthlite, Stronglite, or NRG. Free shipping on all orders to the lower 48 U.S.

Business Tips for Your New Massage Practice: Online Marketing

Before you start your own massage practice, you should already have an online presence. One of the very best things about online marketing is that you can get so much advertising done without ever paying a cent. Of course, paid online advertising options also exist and we will look at those too.


Before you start creating your website, find five keyword phrases that suit your business. Try to use these as often as you can on every page without sounding like you are stuffing the page with keywords. Avoid popular keywords like ‘massage practice’ as the competition for these words is fierce and you will be better off using less popular keywords which you are more likely to show up in a search for.

For example, instead of using ‘massage practice’, try using your local area e.g. downtown Toronto massage or College Street Massage.

Make it as easy as possible for your clients to make a booking by including your contact information on every page. If possible, include an online booking option. Always optimise your site for mobile and be sure that clients can make bookings on their phones and handheld devices.

Social media

Choose a couple of social media sites that you enjoy using and create a company profile that you keep separate from your personal accounts. Follow the 80/20 rule which means that 80% of the content you post should be interesting articles, videos, pictures and infographics for your clients. Only 20% of the content should be about your massage practice.

Use social media to provide information, set yourself up as an expert and share special deals and client recommendations. For the most success with social media, be sure to interact with your followers.

Small to medium businesses get the most bang for their online advertising buck through social media advertising. Opt for Facebook or Twitter ads to generate traffic to your site.

Lotus Touch Therapeutic Oil Gel 1 Gallon
This all new formula from Lotus Touch features nourishing safflower, castor and soy oils to give you the glide you expect from oil without the residue. Your clients won’t feel sticky after your treatment. It’s nourishing and hydrating for dry hands and clients. Therapeutic Oil Gel is an excellent alternative for therapists who have previously avoided oil. It only leaves 33% of the coating on the skin compared to oil! The lack of residue or greasy feeling allows clients to return to work or home without taking a shower after the treatment. This amazing product is free of paraben preservatives and propylene glycol. Replenishes the skin with essential fatty acids. For best results wash table linens the same day. We recommend Always Fresh Laundry Detergent. Shake Oil Gel well before using.

Ingredients: Carthamus Tinctorius (Safflower) Seed Oil, Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride, Ricinus Communis (Castor) Seed Oil, C18-36 Acid Triglyceride, Oleth 20, Glycine Soja (Soy) Wax Oil, Tocopheryl Acetate (Vitamin E), Naturally Derived Fragrance, Phenoxyethanol.

Shelf Life: Under normal conditions the shelf life is estimated at 2 years.

Give the Memorable Gift of Massage

Just when you thought your massage clients were not paying attention and you thought they were asleep, you were wrong. The moment a client enters your presence for massage therapy they are attentive to your space, its quality, stability of the massage table, oils, and of course your touch. It is so important to recognize that one client is not just one client but the door to more business. A great way to grow the business is not only to make sure that you are operating with the highest quality products, but to offer current clients the ability to purchase a massage to gift family or friends.

Create A Memorable Massage Setting

The key is to make sure that each massage is memorable and this leads to repeat business as well as new clients. Think about, if you just has such a great experience wouldn’t you want your friend to have the same. The answer is yes. This is why gift cards work great in the circumstance, because it makes the entire process easy and a no-brainer for your happy clients.

The signal most important item in making a massage memorable is a great massage table. The client will instantly feel safe and comfortable, without the sense that a small shift might send the table crashing to the ground. Also, the better the table the more likely the massage therapist will not be hesitant in their strokes or movements – the more stable the table, usually means the better massage.

There are a variety of massage tables and accessories at One Touch Massage that make it easy to discover. The stationary table they offer is at the apex of stability it is made of Beech Hardwood Construction, comes in black of burgundy, and is good up to 500 pounds of work weight. This table also offers a easy to reach shelf for supplies, so that the massage is not interrupted. This will make sure the client has a most memorable experience.

Remember the more comfortable it is for one person the likelihood of gifting will shine through your business.

Business Tips for Your New Massage Practice: Traditional Marketing

Just setting up shop with your home massage practice? Whether you are traveling to your clients or using your own home as a base, these easy business tips will have you filling your diary with bookings in no time at all.
Home is where the heart is

Once you have set up your massage practice, you need to start getting the word out. Word of mouth is the best way to get new clients. Getting a recommendation from a friend or family member is the best kind of advertising you can possibly ask for. Start by giving a couple of free massages to your friends and family members, then ask them to recommend you to others.

Traditional marketing methods

Go for both traditional and online marketing methods, but start with your own community. Create flyers outlining the services you offer at your massage practice and be sure to include your contact details. Distribute these around your community and ask if you can leave some at yoga studios, doctor’s offices, community notice boards, dentists, coffee shops and other places where people in your community meet.

If you do house calls, wrap your car in decals that advertise your massage practice and place a small sign on the lawn for the duration of the massage. When neighbors see that you do house calls in the area, they may be inspired to give you a try.


There’s nothing like giving back so have some t-shirts printed with all your company info on them and volunteer at community sporting events, old age homes and marathons where people can benefit from your skills and you can get a little free marketing out of the deal

Bon Vital Naturale Massage Lotion

Bon Vital Naturale Massage Lotion is uniquely formulated to satisfy the demands of every massage therapist. The Jojoba Oil base is enriched with Sea Algae, Japanese Green Tea, and Hops Extracts. Bon Vital’s improved formula now also includes an organic natural preservative! Bon Vital’s Naturale product line is completely natural and organic, which makes it ideal for clients and therapists with sensitivities to chemicals and fragrances. This massage lotion is paraben free and unscented. The loose texture of Bon Vital Massage Lotion Naturale provides superior glide, while the precise balance of seed and plant oils refresh and moisturize the skin. This lotion is perfect for Swedish massage and all other types of massage modalities. Its completely water dispersible formula allows for easy cleanup and wipes cleanly off the skin.



  • All Natural and Organic
  • Enriched with Sea Algae, Japanese Green Tea, and Hops Extracts
  • Completely Water Soluble
  • Paraben Free
  • Unscented

Caring for your Massage Table

Your massage table is your greatest asset as a massage therapist and we know that you have spent a little extra to ensure that you get the best table for you and your clients. We also know that you will want that table of
yours to last for as long as possible. Proper care goes a long way to extending the life of your massage table to ensure that the biggest investment you will make in your practice gives you the best return.

Caring for Upholstery

Leather or vinyl upholstery does not react well to strong cleaning agents. Harsh cleaners may reduce your cleaning time, but they will break down upholstery fibers and you will get cracks and rips.

Start with a little prevention by ensuring that your massage table is always covered to prevent oil from coming into contact with your upholstery. If your client, for example, shifts the cover or sheet while settling themselves, take the time to fix it before you continue with the massage.

When you do clean your table, use a gentle, organic soap and a little water on a soft sponge. Wipe it down with a cloth so all soapy residue is removed.

Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions on how to care for the table to avoid damage or unnecessary wear.

Caring for the Foam

Opt for a table with good quality, high-density foam.

While wear on foam is inevitable, you can slow the process by flipping the foam around every couple of months.

Caring for Hardware

Check that all the bolts are tight and that the tables are properly adjusted. This is something that should happen every month to ensure that undue strain is not being placed on the joints.

Keep your table protected in a bag if you travel to avoid rips and scratches. Secure it properly if you are putting it in a vehicle so it doesn’t slide around.

Eclipse Series Portable Massage Table Black

The OneTouch Eclipse Portable Massage Table is the most fully featured and economical massage table package available anywhere. This massage table is ideal for student therapists and home users alike. The Eclipse Model Massage Table is precision-crafted with premium hardwoods and features a full 2 inches of high-density luxury padding to ensure a more comfortable massage experience.

This massage table package includes a standard accessory kit with a forward arm rest shelf, an adjustable and removable face cradle, face cradle pad, and side arm extenders . We also include a convenient, zippered carry case at no extra charge


    • Portable Massage Table
    • Sustainable Hardwood Construction
    • 500 lb Weight Capacity
    • Face Cradle and Pad Included
    • Side Arm Extenders Included
    • 2 Inch Luxury Foam Padding
    • Adjustable Height from 24 to 37 Inches
    • 72? Long x 28? Wide (Table Only)
    • 36? Long x 28? Wide x 8? Thick (Folded)
    • Premium Carry Handle
    • Table Case Included
    • 28 lb Base Table Weight (32 lb with Accessories)
    • Black Color Only



Getting your Massage Practice Ready for Winter

As the weather cools, you must prepare your massage practice to make it as safe and comfortable as you can for your clients.

Check your Heating: Your Furnace needs regular maintenance so make sure it’s in good working order. It’s absolutely essential that you change your filters and clean ducting as necessary to ensure that your indoor air quality is healthy for you and your clients.

Safety First: Ensure that you are able to keep your walkways free of ice and snow so that your clients won’t slip and fall. Create a mudroom space where they can safely store boots and coats.

Control Humidity: If your practice tends to get dry thanks to the heating, consider getting a humidifier which will help to keep your clients healthy and comfortable. These can prevent clients from getting dehydrated or from suffering congestion while getting their massage.


Hot Stone Massage is a specialty service that can set you apart from the competition

Aromatherapy: Congestion can really hamper comfort and relaxation during the winter months, especially as you ask your clients to lie on their stomachs. Using aromatherapy oils in your diffuser or in your massage

oil can help to bring relief. Eucalyptus oil is especially good for decongestion.

Towel Warmer: Beat those winter blues with the warm and comforting feel of warm towels. You can really augment your massage practice with small touches of comfort for your clients.

Hot Stone Massage: Another way to help your clients relax and warm up over the cold winter months is with a hot stone massage. You can get a set of stones and a stone warmer for the cost of a couple of massages and you can offer your clients a whole new level of cosy winter comfort.

Spa Pro Massage Hot Stone Warmer 18 quart

This Professional Hot Stone Warmer unit is designed to be a key part of your hot stone massage treatment. The heater pan quickly warms stones to the typical operating range (125 to 150 degrees Fahrenheit). The easy to use dial control allows for fine tuning of the temperature setting. 18 quart capacity.


  • 1450 watts
  • 120 volts
  • 60HZ
  • 2 pin plug
  • 125 to 150 degrees Fahrenheit operating temperature

Which Massage Lubricant is Best for your Practice?

The kind of massage lubricant that works for you is a combination of personal taste and practicality. The best way to find the perfect lubricant is to experiment with the many varieties on the market to see which one suits your style. Of course, most massage therapists utilize different lubricants for different practices. For example for deep tissue massage, therapists may prefer the added grip you get from a massage lotion.

Massage Oil

The staple of the massage therapist’s tool kit, massage oil is best for massage practices like Swedish where smooth, long motions need the extra glide that oils provide. Massage oil takes a long time to be absorbed into the skin, so you can work uninterrupted and use very little oil. Experiment with different nut and seed oils to find which combinations you like. You can add aromatherapy oils to augment your massage too.

Massage oils have a long shelf life and this is a huge advantage because it means you can buy in bulk and save.

Massage Gel


Try all the different lubricants with this Bon Vital Naturale Massage Sample Kit

Massage gel is made by blending traditional massage oils with vegetable wax. They have the advantage of giving you the smooth feeling of oil, but they absorb into the skin, so your clients don’t leave

feeling greasy. Massage gels often have additives similar to those found in moisturizers which help to pamper and revitalize skin.

Massage Lotion

Massage lotion is quickly and effectively absorbed by the skin. This makes it perfect for deep tissue and sports massages because it doesn’t slip like oils might. Instead, it gives you a better grip on the muscle so you can apply greater pressure for focused work. This is perfect for clients who don’t have time for a shower after a massage as it doesn’t leave an oily or sticky residue on the skin.

Massage Cream and Body Butter

Massage cream and body butter make for a great moisturizers and these are favored for spa treatments. They provide the most sumptuous hydration for skin and leave your clients feeling pampered and relaxed.

Bon Vital Naturale Sample Kit
Enjoy four of the most popular Bon Vital Naturale massage products all in one convenient therapy kit. This sample collection is ideal for those who are using Bon Vital products for the first time and for those who favor variety. Bon Vital’s sample kit allows you to choose your massage lubricant based on your preference, your client’s preference, and the massage modality. All Bon Vital Naturale products are made with 100% natural ingredients.

  • 8 oz Naturale Massage Lotion with Hand Pump
  • 8 oz Naturale Massage Oil with Hand Pump
  • 8 oz Naturale Massage Gel with Hand Pump
  • 6 oz Naturale Massage Cream jar

Boost your Massage Practice in Five Easy Steps

The astute practitioner and entrepreneur is always looking for ways to improve their massage practice. Always striving to offer your clients better service is a great way to reward them for their patronage and to turn loyal clients into raving fans. Remember that the best marketing plan in the world is a referral from a friend or family member. Massage practices in particular rely on word of mouth to increase client numbers. Here are some ways in which you can augment your client’s massage and improve your customer service.

Hot Towel Caddy: Investing in one of these will really add a whole new dimension of comfort to your massage practice, especially as we approach winter. Keeping a couple of towels heated to apply on


Hot Stone Massage Warmer from OneTouch

areas you have worked on will help to relax tired and stiff muscles.

Aromatherapy: If you don’t already use essential oils in your massage, it may be time to join the growing ranks. You can add a little lavender essential oil to your massage oil, use an aromatherapy burner or sprinkle a few drops in a bowl of warm water under the face pad to help your clients relax.

Reward loyalty: Offer your clients a discount or a special product when they refer a friend or family member. This will encourage your clients to tell others about your massage practice and they get rewarded for their patronage.

Hot Stone Massage: Investing in a set of stones and a hot stone warmer will really provide your clients with the ultimate in comfort and sumptuous pampering. Learning to use the stones is easy too and enables you to increase the variety of massages you have on offer.

Music: Ask your clients if they prefer silence or music during their massage. Playing music especially made for massage will help them to relax and have a soothing experience.

Spa Pro Massage Hot Stone Warmer 18 quart

Spa Pro Stone Warmers will hold a set of 50 stones and are known for their durability and reliability. The new satin finish and low profile lid add a touch of class to your treatment rooms. UL listed and CE approved. 18 quart.


  • 18 quart size
  • Porcelain coated steel pan
  • Satin finish
  • Low profile lid
  • Easy to clean at the end of each day
  • 3-prong plug
  • 24?L x 15?W x 12.5?H
  • UL listed and CE approved

Chi Machines for beginners

Chi machines help to alleviate pain and improve mobility in your patients. A chi machine is a passive aerobic exercise machine which also helps to improve sleep and digestion, improves circulation and


Chi swing machine helps to relieve pain and improve mobility.

metabolism while helping patients to relax and elevate their mood.

How it works

The Chi Machine moves your body gently from side to side in a figure of eight (the same way a goldfish swims). You could compare it to the way a massage therapist moves your ankles from side to side after a massage. This helps to relax muscles and maximizes the body’s natural absorption of oxygen.

Tips on best practices

Before and after using the chi machine, ensure that you drink plenty of water. Water helps your body to eliminate harmful toxins.

Create a relaxing and soothing atmosphere by removing distractions and annoyances. Play soft, relaxation music if you like and utilize aromatherapy scents to augment relaxation.

Place the chi machine on a firm surface like a carpeted floor. If you have a harder surface, place a towel or blanket on the floor so that you will be more comfortable. You can also place a towel over the chi machine ankle rests for additional padding.

Place your arms (palm down) at your sides, under your head or stretch out above your head—try all of these and select the one that is most comfortable for you.

Start with short sessions (1-5 minutes a day) and slowly work up to 15-20 minute sessions. For optimal results, you want to get in three sessions a day.

OneTouch Chi Swing Exercise Machine-

The OneTouch Massage Chi Swing Exerciser Machine is a premium unit that provides relief from stress and tension throughout your entire body. This unit helps to promote circulation through its gentle swinging motion.

The simple-to-use variable speed settings allow you to choose the rate of speed that meets your exact needs. This sturdy, reliable, and maintenance-free chi machine will leave you feeling calm and relaxed.

The OneTouch Chi Swing Exerciser comes with our No-Hassle Guarantee.


– Ultra-Comfort Padded Leg Swings

– Variable Speed and Time Settings

– Large, Easy Press Control Buttons

– 5.5-Foot Corded Remote

– Weight: 9 lb

Caring for your Massage Linens


Bon Vital Naturale Massage Lotion is perfect for sensitive skins.

Having freshly laundered, clean linens is a must for every massage practitioner. But since massage oils and linen don’t mix well and you can’t use stringent cleaners to remove oil as it may cause irritation

to sensitive skins, you may have difficulty cleaning your massage linens. Luckily there are ways to keep your linens clean that are good for the fabric, kind to sensitive skins and are even eco-friendly.

Oil stains: Remove tough stains by making a paste of baking soda and lemon juice. Rub onto the stain and leave for 30 minutes prior to washing. You can also eco-friendly use dish soap to remove stubborn stains. Dish soaps are especially formulated to cut through oil and grease, so they work wonders on massage oil stains.

Vinegar is another great grease buster. Add a ½ cup of white vinegar to your wash and leave to soak for 15 minutes before washing.

Wash in cold or warm water and rinse in cold as heat can set oil stains and make them even more difficult to remove. Using colder water to wash and rinse will also save you money and is good for the environment.

The same goes for the dryer – if you pop your sheets into the dryer with oil stains, they can be permanently set. Line drying is good for your linens, your bottom line and the environment.

Soak your linens right after use—the sooner you tackle oil stains, the easier they are to remove.

Detergent: Use earth-friendly laundry detergents that are tough on stains, but not on your fabrics. Ensure that they are hypo-allergenic to avoid causing discomfort to your clients.

Bon Vital Fresh & Clean Detergent 1 Gallon Bottle

Go easy on the environment—and your massage linens—with Bon Vital Fresh & Clean Detergent. This uniquely formulated detergent is biodegradable and free of harsh chemicals, toxins, and bleach. Our earth-friendly detergent is perfect for individuals who may be sensitive to the chemicals often found in conventional detergents.

Tough on dirt and stains but gentle on fabric quality and color, this natural laundry detergent keeps your massage linens, towels, and uniforms fresh and soft to the touch. Extend the life of your linens and towels while preserving the natural vitality of the earth with Bon Vital Fresh & Clean Detergent.